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3:27 am CLUB

An Anthology of True, Unpolished Stories about New Parenthood from Real People


Share a story about your entrance into parenthood!


Why? Because becoming a parent is way harder than anyone ever told us and writing about it is not only therapeutic, but sharing it with others can make this path less lonely and isolating!


What will I do with your story? I’m creating an anthology of stories, a book that’s like a circle of friends sitting beside you on the couch while you’re strapped down as a human pacifier or next to you in the rocker while you’re up at 1:42 am and again at 3:16 am and again at 4:37 am. These tiny humans are their own beautiful and challenging little beings and sharing about the diversity of our experiences gives us a chance to commiserate, celebrate, and find camaraderie in the wild, unpredictability of raising our children.


How? Submit your story to wanderasana@gmail.com and I will be in touch about editing your story and getting this project published into a book. Kickstarter coming soon!


Why am I doing this?  As the mother of  a very spirited, passionate 6-month old that prefers to explore his world instead of sleep, I’ve been dreaming about this book project since our third evening together when I started wondering why there are so many birth stories out there, but so few narrations of the epic journey that begins once baby comes home in those first few challenging months full of transitions.

What should you write?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started…


1. Think about your first six months to a year as a new parent. What surprised you the most? Stood out? Felt unique about your experience? What happened that no one told you about it and you wish you had known? Follow the lead on whatever feels most compelling to you.


2. Start talking about your ideas with your partner, your friends, or your family. Jog your memory by conversing about it out loud. Then start writing. Leave it. Come back to it. Do it all in one sitting or five. Let your writing be your process!


3. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Share your true feelings. The more emotive, the better. Your story could be funny, silly, tear-inducing, frustrating, devastating, heartwarming or whatever comes in between, so long has it is as real as possible. No filters.


4. Keep it in the 500-1,500 word range.

Send it. Yea. Do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, share some revolutionary moral or even be all that cohesive. You are a new parent. Share your real story. We can edit together to make it the best possible, but don’t get stuck over-analyzing.